Our Passion

“It was a long way from Brazil to the healthy gourmet bites – The journey of dream come true” 
A degree in Hospitality Management, the passion for healthy and whole foods, the early years in the kitchen baking with her mom, the persistence of changing recipes and trying to make things different, better. When Bianca arrived in America in 2000 she had no idea she was going to be elbow deep in cookie dough.

Falling in Love with the Country and embracing the American culture it didn’t take long for Bianca, the active and healthy lifestyle lover to start mixing and matching whole ingredients to create the perfect healthy gourmet cookie.

“Today I am so proud of the success of Bianca’s Brazilian Bites. Our products are handmade locally with love. Our promise is to never use white flour, add refined sugar, eggs, margarine or unhealthy oils. After years giving cookies to friends and family as holiday gifts, I am so happy to give you the result of my passion: let me make healthy foods for you, your family and friends. 

Bianca’s Brazilian Bites will satisfy everyone, from the busy mom to the hard core athlete. The healthy gourmet cookie kids love and ask for more.

I couldn’t have come this far without the love and support of my family & friends.

Happy, Healthy & Strong,